Piazza del Quirinale on Quirinal Hill in Rome, Italy

Quirinal Hill is the highest of the Seven Hills of Rome. Archeological evidence suggests the Sabines lived here during the 8th and 7th centuries BC. This coincides with when Romulus was the founder and first king of Rome. For over two millenniums, this has been the scene of temples, a Roman bath, a convent plus estates of wealthy and papal families. Today, the epicenter is Piazza del Quirinale. Flanking the square are the presidential palace (Palazzo del Quirinale) and, seen here, Italy’s Constitutional Court (Palazzo della Consulta). On the right are marble sculptures named the “Horse Tamers.” They date from the 4th century. Towering 48 feet above them is an ancient Roman obelisk uncovered in 1527 and installed in 1786.


Piazza del Quirinale, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


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