Parade Performance Sequence during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3,000 to 4,000 people or more are involved during each samba school performance. They appear in segments (alas) in a traditional sequence. At the start are people saluting the crowd (comissao de frente) along with the flag bearer and escort. They are followed by at least 80 spinning elderly women in large round dresses (Bahians). Next comes the attractive female dancer called the queen of the drums and often the band godmother (madrinha da bateria). Then there is an ensemble of singers (puxadores) and the percussion (bateria) and other instruments comprising about 250 musicians. There are also about 20 samba dancers known as passistas. And of course, several unbelievable floats. Everyone wears incredible costumes (fantasias) supporting the school’s theme (enredo).

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