Palatine Hill Overlooking Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy

Palatine Hill (seen in the background) is positioned between the Roman Forum to the north and Circus Maximus to the south. In the foreground is what remains of Circo Massimo. This valley was once Rome’s largest chariot racing stadium. The venue for public games (ludi) began in the 6th century BC. In 50 BC, Julius Caesar significantly expanded the stadium to measurements of 2,037 feet in length and 387 feet across. During the early 2nd century AD, Emperor Trajan rebuilt Circus Maximus in stone. After the last official race in 549 AD, the stadium was abandoned and its building materials were repurposed or buried. Today, little is left. However, the park is often used to host concerts and political events.


Via del Circo Massimo, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


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