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Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy

Palatine Hill is the most important of the Seven Hills of Rome. Occupied since the 10th century BC, this is where legend claims Romulus and Remus founded the city in 753 BC. Beginning with Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire (27 BC to 14 AD), several emperors had their imperial palaces here including Tiberius and Domitian from the Flavian dynasty. In fact, the word palace is derived the hill’s Latin name Palatium. Also constructed on Palatine Hill were the Apollo Temple, the Stadium Palatinum and a bath complex (Terme di Settimio Severo). Shown here are the remnants of the palace of Emperor Septimius Severus (193 to 211 AD). His former residence is called Domus Severiana. The historic ruins make for a fascinating tour.


Via dei Cerchi, 119, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


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