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Palacio del Ayuntamiento in Antigua, Guatemala

Two arcaded buildings flank Parque Central. Along the entire south side is Palacio de los Capitanes Generales. Built in 1558, Palace of the Captains General housed the government for the Kingdom of Guatemala until 1773. Now it is the Museo de Armas (military and colonial museum) and a cultural center. On the north side is this nearly identical yet shorter Palacio del Ayuntamiento. The City Hall was built in 1740. Surprisingly, it survived the 1773 earthquake. Of interest here is the Museo del Libro Antiguo. Included among the collection of the Antique Book Museum is a replica of Guatemala’s first printing press from 1660.


Palacio del Ayuntamiento, 4ta. Calle Poniente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


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