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Palace of Linares in Madrid, Spain

The neo-baroque design of the Palace of Linares was built in 1837 for wealthy banker, Mateo de Murga, the Marquis of Linares. It is one of several beautiful landmarks surrounding the Plaza de Cibeles. Equally fascinating is the history. When the owner’s son married a tobacconist’s daughter, he did not know she was his half-sister. After his father confessed the truth on his deathbed, José and Raimunda sought advice from Pope Leo XIII. The couple was allowed to live together in chastity. So they created separate living quarters in the father’s mansion. Legend claims their ghosts haunt the building. The Linares Palace is now the offices of a cultural center named Casa de América. The exquisite interior is available for tours.


Plaza Cibeles, 2, 28001 Madrid, Spain


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