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1 Overview of Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Paleis Het Loo is the top tourist attraction in Apeldoorn, a city in central Netherlands. The palace is also one of the most visited historic sites in the country. The grand estate was built in 1686 for King William III of England. The Dutch Baroque style reflects the architecture of the Dutch Golden Age (1581 – 1672). The size of the summer palace was meant to impress yet the features were austere compared to residences of other European monarchs. Descendants of the House of Orange-Nassau periodically lived in this rijksmonument (national heritage site) until 1975. The entrance is fronted by a cour d’honneur designed to receive royal visitors. Today, the courtyard stages lines of tourists.


Koninklijk Park 1, 7315 JA Apeldoorn, Netherlands


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