Old Town Hall at Plaza de San Juan de Dios in Cádiz, Spain

The Consistorial Houses were built during the late 17th century. A century later, the government buildings were torn down to make way for the first stage of constructing Ayuntamiento (Town Hall). Architect Manuel García del Álamo was responsible for adding the Isabelline Gothic façade in 1865. Notice the bas-relief of Hercules in the pediment. This Roman god is called the Father of the Andalusian Fatherland. Legend explains Hercules was the founder of Gadeira (present day Cádiz). The mythological hero has been featured on the flag and coat of arms of Andalusia since 1918. The Old Town Hall’s pink hue is a prominent landmark at the south end of Plaza de San Juan de Dios.


Casa Consistorial, Plaza de San Juan de Dios, 11005 Cádiz, Spain


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