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O’Connell Monument Victory Statue in Dublin, Ireland

Daniel O’Connell, also known as The Liberator, was a staunch advocate for the reversal of the Act of Union that combined the Kingdoms of Ireland with Great Britain. He also led a movement for the emancipation of Catholics. His beliefs were so strong he accepted and won a duel with Protestant John D’Esterre in 1815. He became the first Catholic Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1841. A 41 foot monument to the Nationalist was designed by John Henry Foley was erected in 1882 to honor the historical figure. It is surrounded by four bronze statues of Victory. Notice the bullet hole in the elbow of Maid of Erin. This occurred during the Easter Rising in 1916 when Irish republicans battled the British for independence.


56 O'Connell Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland


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