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13 Obelisk in La Romana, Dominican Republic

This column is similar to Obelisco Macho in Santo Domingo. They have the appearance of a scaled-down Washington Monument. Both were commissioned by Dictator Rafael Trujillo to demonstrate his power over the people. When his three decades of tyranny ended with his assassination in 1961, the obelisks were repainted. The four sides of La Romana Obelisk now portray Dominican life, culture, history and tourism. The artwork was created by Norberto Uribe, Teódulo Silfa Cassó, José Marte and Octavio Paniagua. Also in Parque del Obelisco is this bird sculpture by metal artist José Ignacio Morales, a.k.a El Artistico.


Parque Del Obelisco, Av. Libertad, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic


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