Obelisco Macho in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Rafael Trujillo ruled the Dominican Republic with tyranny from 1930 until he was assassinated in 1961. During those 31 years, he was president twice. He grew the country’s prosperity via oppression and brutality. An example of his dominance and arrogance was renaming the city Ciudad Trujillo in his honor. To celebrate the event, Trujillo commissioned the Obelisco Macho along the El Malecón (George Washington Avenue and Paseo Presidente Bilini). The Male Obelisk he created now symbolizes the country’s disdain of his leadership. The painting by Dustin Muñoz features three of the Mirabal sisters. They were killed in 1960 by Trujillo’s secret police for resisting his government. They are among the thousands reportedly murdered by the dictator.


Paseo Presidente Billini & Pdte. Vicini Burgos, Santo Domingo 10208, Dominican Republic


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