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29 Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay Statue in Saguenay, Canada

As you sail back through the Saguenay River Fjord after an exhilarating day trip, be watchful for Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay. Your ship captain or cruise director will probably announce when you are approaching this image of Virgin Mary. She has hands clasped in prayer and is crowned by a ring of stars. The sculpture was carved from white pine in 1881 by Louis Jobin. Then, the 29.5 foot tall statue was hoisted onto Cape Trinité. According to legend, Our Lady of Saguenay was commissioned by Charles Napoléon Robitaille after he broke through the ice and almost drowned until he pleaded for salivation to the Mother of God.


Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay, Rivière-Éternité, Quebec G0V 1P0, Canada


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