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15 North View from Acropolis in Athens, Greece

The elevation of the Acropolis is about 500 feet. This height provides panoramic views of Athens. Looking north, you will see two prominent hills. On the right is Mount Lycabettus. (also spelled Likavittos). You can reach the forested 908 foot summit – Athens’ tallest – via the Lycabettus Funicular. The attractions at the top are the quaint 19th century Saint George Chapel, an outdoor amphitheater built in the 1960s and a marvelous city overlook. According to legend, Mount Lycabettus was formed when Athena dropped a large rock while building the Acropolis. Rising 492 feet on the left is Strefi Hill, named after a family who once operated a quarry here. Much of Lofos Strefi is a treelined park with hiking trails.


Acropolis, Athina 105 58, Greece


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