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16 Neue Burg Wing of Hofburg in Vienna, Austria

In 1869, Emperor Franz Joseph I had a grand goal to significantly expand Hofburg. The Kaiserforum plan envisioned building three massive extensions to the palace that would connect to two new museums. The museums opened in 1891. But the rest of architect Gottfried Semper’s blueprint was scaled back while suffering considerable delays. By 1913, the only completed wing was Neue Burg. Today, Neue Burg houses the National Library plus the Weltmuseum (ethnographic displays from around the world), Papyrus Museum (ancient documents spanning 3,000 years) and the Ephesus Museum. The latter contains artifacts from the ancient Greco-Roman city in present-day Turkey. You will also find a collection of historical armor and arms plus musical instruments. Finally, the Hofburg Vienna Conference Centre is located here.


Neue Burg, Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria


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