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17 Neue Burg Statues at Hofburg in Vienna, Austria

There are twenty statues on the façade of Neue Burg. They portray the evolution of Vienna from a Germanic tribesman in the 2nd century until a prosperous citizen in the late 19th century. Near the rooftop are four likenesses of Nike (Roman goddess of victory) holding laurel wreaths and Roman helmets. In the center is a gilded, double-head eagle below a crown. This is the coat of arms of the Austria-Hungary Monarchy. In the center is an equestrian monument to Prince Eugene of Savoy. His successful military career from 1683 – 1735 made him one of the most celebrated field marshals in the Austrian Habsburg dynasty. Even Napoleon named Eugene as one of history’s best commanders. This bronze tribute was created by Anton Dominick Ritter in 1865. You will also enjoy seeing two stone lions guarding the entrance of Neue Burg.


Neue Burg, Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria


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