Nazca Booby at Punta Suárez on Española Island in Galápagos, EC

With a wingspan of five to six feet, the Nazca booby is the largest of the three types of boobies living in the Galápagos. It was initially considered to be part of the masked booby family. It was recently reclassified as a unique species called Sula granti. These seabirds are capable of mating and nesting all year. You are likely to see all stages of the breeding process along the cliffline. During courtship, males dance and sky point in an attempt to attract a female. You might spot an adult incubating two eggs with its gray, webbed feet. Nearby might be fuzzball chicks waiting for a parent to return with dinner. The rosy bill of this bird suggests it is an adult female. Male Nazca boobies display an orange bill.


Punta Suárez, Española Island, Ecuador


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