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Musicians Socializing along Malecón in Havana, Cuba

Malecón is Havana’s cherished boulevard and promenade. This favorite seaside walkway of Habaneros attracts romantic couples, fishermen, roving musicians, socializing friends and curious tourists. The city’s living room stretches four miles from Castillo de la Real Fuerza near the cruise terminal, wraps around the northern coast through the Vedado neighborhood and ends at the white building on the far right. Since July of 2015, this is the United States Embassy. Other buildings on the horizon are the FOCSA Building (Cuba’s tallest at 397 feet) standing behind the Hotel Nacional de Cuba (a favorite among American celebrities and elite until the 1959 revolution). The red tower is the Someillan Building, a 30 story residential complex.


Malecón, La Habana, Cuba


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