Mouth of Rio Ozama in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Take a moment to enjoy the shoreline in front of Fort of San Gil. This view toward the northeast (your left) is the entry to the port of Santo Domingo. In the background is the Anton de Montesinos Statue. Below it is the popular Montesinos Beach. These waters at the convergence of the Rio Ozama and the Caribbean seem picturesque and calm. Yet this was the site of a maritime tragedy. In 1916, the USS Memphis was struck by a series of rouge waves. Some reports suggest the highest surge reached 70 feet. The Navy cruiser crashed against these rocks, killing 43 members of the crew. The crippled ship remained here until 1937 when it was finally salvaged.


Paseo Presidente Bilini & Calle Pina, Santo Domingo 10208, Dominican Republic


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