30 Morpho Butterfly at Victoria Butterfly Gardens near Victoria, Canada

Imagine being surrounded by over 4,000 fluttering butterflies. How about also encountering countless tropical birds, fish, insects and tortoises in a simulated rainforest. Sound like fun? This describes your visit to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens in Brentwood Bay, about a half hour drive from central Victoria. The attraction appeals to the entire family. This is a male Morpho butterfly. His open wings display a metallic blue color on the dorsal side. The closed wings expose a dull brown coloring for camouflage. The ocelli resemble an owl’s eyes. They effectively scare off predators. There are nearly 150 subspecies of this butterfly. Most live in South and Central America as well as parts of Mexico. Go to Victoria Butterfly Gardens so you can learn similar facts about their other 70 species of butterflies and moths.


1461 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J5, Canada


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