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2 Moorish Castle on Rock of Gibraltar in Gibraltar

While sailing into Gibraltar, you will see this medieval fort overlooking the city on the east side of the Rock of Gibraltar. This is the partial ruins of the Moorish Castle. While the Moors controlled Gibraltar for over 700 years, they named the city Medina Al Fath. Their two occupations were from 711 until 1309 and again in 1350 until conquered by King Henry IV of Castile in 1462. The Moors first built this impressive fortification around 1160. Much of it was destroyed in a series of battles between the Castilians and Moors during the first half of the 14th century. When the Moors regained control, they rebuilt El Castillo including the Tower of Homage seen here. The enormous keep measures 3,400 square feet. This is a fascinating place to visit when exploring all of the sites at the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.


Moorish Castle, 5 Moorish Castle Estate, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar


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