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Middle of the World in Quito, Ecuador

Colonial Spaniards were the first to call this region El Ecuador meaning “the equator.” In fact, the country’s name – República del Ecuador – in English is the Republic of the Equator. The location of the equator was measured and marked in 1936 about 16 miles from Quito. In 1982, the 98 foot Middle of the World monument was erected to commemorate the spot. Inside is a museum with exhibits about indigenous people. Tourists enjoy visiting the park so they can straddle a yellow line showing the division between the northern and southern hemispheres. Unfortunately, sophisticated GPS instruments revealed the position of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is incorrect. The real location where the latitude is 0° 0’ 00” is about 787 feet to the north.


Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, Manuel Cordova Galarza, Quito, Ecuador


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