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12 Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary

The Church of Our Lady was built on Castle Hill in the mid-13th century. Over 200 years later, it assumed the name of King Matthias. In 1541 and again in 1686, this Catholic church was plundered by the Turks. In the late 19th century, its original design was lovingly restored by Frigyes Schulek. The diamond pattern roof crowns Béla Tower, named after King Béla IV who founded the church. The tall, white Gothic spire is Matthias Tower. In the foreground where the two women are sitting is Trinity Column. This Baroque creation by Philipp Ungleich has been the centerpiece of Holy Trinity Square since 1713.


Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2, 1014 Hungary


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