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23 Marble Everywhere in Ephesus, Turkey

One of the most impressive aspects about ancient Ephesus is the abundance of marble. It is everywhere … on the streets, statues, columns, stadiums and buildings. During the summer, the marble reflects the sunshine and radiates with heat. Most of the stones are white. But a spectrum of colors is on display. Typically, this material is reserved for the world’s most impressive architecture. So, why is there so much marble in Ephesus and where did it come from? The surrounding area is rich with marble. It was first used for the Temple of Artemis in the 6th century BC. The challenge then was transporting, sculpting and smoothing the material. The techniques became more advanced over the centuries. A main quarry in nearby Belevi was harvested through the 6th century. Other local quarries were also used. Mining was so productive that marble became a major export from Ephesus.


Efes Harabeleri, 35920 Selçuk/İzmir, Turkey


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