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18 Māori Waka by Phlegm in Dunedin, New Zealand

There are currently 28 murals along the Street Art Trail in Dunedin. A map is available online from Dunedin Street Art so you can find and admire all of the outdoor art during a two to three hour, self-guided walking tour. The most prolific muralist is Phlegm from the United Kingdom. This is one of his five works you will discover. He specializes in odd, fantasy creatures typically created in black and white with endless shades of gray. At first glance, this giant fish appears to be swallowing a fleet of sailboats. The ships are canoes (waka) used by the ancestral Māori people who once populated Dunedin. This painting is title, “Maori Waka and Steampunk Submarine.”


76 Vogel Street, Dunedin, 9077, New Zealand


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