Man Holding Chicken Drinking Black Tea at Market in Luxor, Egypt

Most people traveling to Luxor visit the ancient Egyptian temples and the Valley of the Kings and Queens. But to get a true flavor of the city, avoid the sougs and street markets catering to tourists. Instead, ask your tour guide to visit a traditional, outdoor market. You will discover everyday scenes like this one where men sit on cages holding pigeons and chickens while drinking their tea called Shai. In Luxor, a popular tea is Koshary. The beverage is very black, brewed in boiling water and sweetened with either cane sugar or mint leaves. Perhaps this gives Egyptians the energy to bargain with shoppers. Every simple transaction becomes a lengthy ritual of sipping tea while debating the price. As we walked through, you could tell they were surprised to see an American in their midst.


El-Souk, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt


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