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Main Façade of Granada Cathedral in Granada, Spain

Construction of the Cathedral of Granada began in 1523. It was not finished for over 180 years. The Catholic church was initially given a Gothic design by Enrique Egas. Five years later, on the orders of Charles V (the Holy Roman Emperor and Spanish king), Egas was replaced by Diego de Siloé. This famous architect and founder of the Granadan school of sculpture spent 35 years giving Catedral de Granada a Spanish Renaissance style. In 1667, Alonso Cano was tasked with building this main façade. He added Baroque features. The project was completed in 1704. Each of the cathedral’s entrances has a name: Ecce Homo, San Jerónimo and El Perdón. Above them are intricate reliefs sculpted by Diego de Siloé.


Granada Cathedral, Plaza de las Pasiegas, 18001 Granada, Spain


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