16 Main Entrance of La Pulperie de Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Canada

Outside the main entrance of La Pulperie de Chicoutimi is steam locomotive number 15, manufactured by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1923. This former workhorse of Saguenay Power promises you will have a fascinating time inside this heritage attraction. The Old Chicoutimi Pulp Mill was founded in 1896 and was a major producer of newsprint until 1930. Almost 2,000 employees worked at the Chicoutimi Pulp Company during the peak years. Since 2002, Old Mill 4 has housed a regional museum. Among the exhibits are interactive displays and a film about the local history and milling industry. You will also admire an extensive collection of over 26,000 artworks.


300 Rue Dubuc, Chicoutimi, QC G7J 4M1, Canada


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