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6 Little Girl Wearing Bunad in Flåm, Norway

The locals will often greet arriving cruise ship passengers with a show. This adorable little girl is wearing a bunad. The style evolved from rural Norway in the 18th century to the national costume today. Common features are a wool vest with intricate embroidery, buckles, clasps and silver jewelry. These are complimented with a white blouse and long skirt. The clothes are worn during performances of traditional music and dance. Increasingly, adult women wear them as a fashion statement to social events and festive occasions. There are over 400 design variations. Each one reflects a geographical region. The elaborate outfits plus accessories are expensive, especially for handmade Norwegian bunads. Prices start at $2,000. Often a bunad is passed down through the generations.


Inner Harbour Flåm Center, 5742 Flåm, Norway


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