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Lighthouse on Georges Island in Halifax, Canada

Within eyesight of the Halifax Seaport, and directly across from the cruise ship terminal at Pavilion 22, is Georges Island. The British built a fort here in 1750 at the outbreak of the Father Le Loutre’s War. The clash pitted Great Britain against the Miꞌkmaq (First Nations people) and Acadians (from a New France colony). This site was also used to contain prisoners of war. In 1798, Prince Edward (the future father of Queen Victoria) built Fort Charlotte (named for his mother). A subsequent one was constructed during the American Civil War. The citadel remained in service through WWII. The islet has had several names. The current one – Georges Island – is a tribute to George II, the King of Great Britain from 1727 until 1760. Unfortunately, Georges Island is not open to tourism. This 57 foot concrete lighthouse dates from 1917. The original one was installed in 1876.


Georges Island Rd, Halifax, NS B3K 5M7, Canada


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