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16 Large Bathhouse at Masada, Israel

Public bathhouses were a coveted component of ancient Roman life. They were a haven to relax and be pampered plus the epicenter of social life. A private bathhouse was a rarity only a few could afford. King Herod the Great was among the few. Even more surprising is to find such lavish amenities on top of a mountain in the middle of a desert. This four-room facility was equipped with an outer courtyard, a changing room (apodyterium) plus a warm (tepidarium), hot (caldarium) and cold (frigidarium) pools. You will admire remnants of a mosaic floor, frescos and support pillars. Also visible is the sophisticated way the room and water temperatures were controlled by a furnace. King Herod welcomed his guests to use this bathhouse. Of course, he had his own.


Masada National Park, Israel


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