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30 Landmarks Outside City Walls of Toledo, Spain

For defensive reasons, historic Toledo was built on top of a 1,736 foot mountain. This elevation provides panoramic views of the Tagus River on three sides. Most tourists to the “Imperial City” restrict their sightseeing to the old town. Yet there are some wonderful landmarks in the northern valley you should explore. They include the Roman Circus ruins (1st century AD), Puerta de Bisagra Nueva (city gate from 1559), Plaza de Toros (bullring from 1866), Old Hospital of San Lãzaro (1481) and the Hospital de San Juan Bauista (1603). Also called the Tavera Hospital, there is a fine arts museum beneath that dome. Let me show you a few of these in the following photos.


Calle Gerardo Lobo, 1, 45001 Toledo, Spain


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