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4 Lady Ellen Sailing Yacht in Oslo, Norway

Lady Ellen is a triple-masted, Swedish luxury yacht that was launched in 1982. She is 179 feet long and was designed by Lars Johansson. Currently, this beautiful schooner is available as a charter for special events and sailing exhibitions. She is moored in front of the “Pink Palace in Bjørvika,” a nickname given to the Havnelageret. When it was constructed in 1921 to accommodate trade in the commercial harbor, it was Europe’s largest concrete building. Today, the vivid waterfront structure is the headquarters of Dagbladet. The company publishes a large tabloid newspaper. It is also an agency that manages military real estate and the Norwegian Intelligence Service’s achieves.


Havnepromenaden Infopunkt 10 Langkaia 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway


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