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La Maison Lepage in La Baie, Saguenay, Canada

You have now experienced the major places to see in the boroughs of Chicoutimi and La Baie. When you return to the Cruise Pavilion, you have a couple of options. You can shop among the artisans before boarding the ship. Or you can walk a few blocks into Port Village (which is technically part of La Baie). You will soon encounter La Maison Lepage on Rue Victoria. The 1861 home and surrounding land was purchased in 1870 by François-Xavier Lepage. He was a successful businessman and builder of the local wharf. The White House, as the locals nicknamed the residence, remained in the family until 1954. The historic Agéberas-Lepage home was restored in 2017.


781 Rue Victoria, La Baie, QC G7B 2W9, Canada


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