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16 Kjosfossen along Flåmsbana near Flåm, Norway

Kjosfossen is the crescendo of your journey aboard the Flåm Railway. About 2.75 miles before reaching Myrdal Station, your train screeches to a halt. Everyone rushes out with cameras in hand to admire Kjosfossen from a viewing platform. The source of the thundering waterfall is a mountain lake named Reinungavatnet. The wide current zigs, zags and crashes among rocks while descending 738 feet. The cascade then becomes the Flåmselvi. The river flows through the valley before emptying into the fjord at Flåm. Also located at this waterfall is the Kjosfoss Power Station. It harnesses the water flow to generate power for Flåmsbana.


Kjosfossen Falls, Rallarvegen, 5718 Myrdal, Norway


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