José de San Martín Monument in Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Retitro is a small barrio (less than 1.75 square miles) and is considered part of Microcrentro. Exploring this neighborhood can easily be added to your walking tour. Simply continue shopping north to the end of Florida Street and you will arrive at Plaza San Martín. This park was the center of slave trade from 1713 until 1813. Then it became a barracks of the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers led by José de San Martín. El Libertador (The Liberator) is a national hero for winning the freedom of Argentina, Chile and Peru from Spain. A dozen years after his death in 1850, sculptor Louis-Joseph Daumas was commissioned to create this equestrian monument. Surrounding the red granite base are allegories for major moments of the general’s success during the Argentine War of Independence.


General San Martín Plaza, C1059, CABA, Argentina


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