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12 José Bonifácio Square in Santos, Brazil

The most important square in Santos is Praça Patriarca José Bonifácio. The plaza’s namesake is José Bonifácio de Andrada (1763 ā€“ 1838). He was a key figure during the military campaigns against Portugal called the Independence of Brazil (1821 – 1824). The Patriarch of Independence also facilitated the formation of the Empire of Brazil under Emperor Dom Pedro I. The square’s centerpiece is a monument to the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932. Also called the Brazilian Civil War, nearly 2,500 soldiers from the state of São Paulo were killed in battle against the Brazilian army. The bloody conflict stemmed from the assumed presidency of Getúlio Vargas after a coup dā€™état. This tribute was sculpted by Antelo Del Debbio and erected in 1956.


José Bonifácio Square in Santos, Brazil

Praça José Bonifácio - Centro, Santos - SP, 11013-910, Brazil


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