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Irish Struggle for Independence in Dublin, Ireland

The Acts of the Union 1800 made Ireland part of the United Kingdom, thus abolishing their parliament and reducing their freedoms. That uneasy marriage began to unravel on April 24, 1916, when a band of Irish rebels clashed with the British. Before the six-day Irish Rising was over, 500 people had been killed and much of Dublin lay in ruins from British artillery. This intersection of Parliament and Lord Edward Streets was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting. Although the British suppressed the insurrection, the event led to the War of Independence from 1919 – 1921. On December 6, 1921, the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty created the Irish Free State. The faces staring down from this building are some of the heroes who led the struggle for Ireland’s independence.


81 Dame St, Dublin, Ireland


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