Introduction to Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is historic, beautiful and quaint. These are a few of the countless reasons why the capital of the Czech Republic attracts eight million visitors a year, ranking it among the top European cities to visit. There are three main districts you will want to explore. They are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Along the east side of the Vltava river (top of photo) is Staré Město (Old Town). When you cross the Mánes Bridge (Mánesův most), you enter the Malá Strana region. In Czech, this means “Little side of the river.” In the foreground is Valdštejnský Palác. Wallenstein Palace dates from the early 17th century and is now the Senate of the Czech Republic. The third key neighborhood is Hradčany (Castle District). This photo was taken from the Lobkowicz Palace within the Prague Castle complex. The 16th century Lobkowický palác is now an art museum. This travel guide will highlight the major places to see in Staré Město, Malá Strana and Hradčany. Have a memorable time in Praha.

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