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40 Introduction to Milford Sound at Fiordland, New Zealand

The masterpiece of Fiordland National Park – the country’s largest park – is Milford Sound. Piopiotahi (Māori name) is the northernmost of the fjords along the southwestern coast of New Zealand. This incredible 9.9 mile inlet of the Tasman Sea is defined by sheer summits like Mount Kimberley (The Lion) at 4,271 feet on the left, the snow-capped Mills Peak at 5,987 feet and the 3,966 foot Cascade Peak on the right. Savor the pristine scenery above water during a sightseeing cruise. Marvel at the waterfalls. Enjoy seeing dolphins, penguins, fur seals and whales in the water. And stop at Harrison Cove (center) to view marine life at 32 feet below the surface at the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory. You will soon understand why Milford Sound is rated among the top destinations not only in New Zealand but also the world.


Milford Sound, Southland 9691, New Zealand


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