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27 Introduction to Medieval Amersfoort, Netherlands

Amersfoort is a quaint daytrip in central Netherlands and a step back to the Middle Ages. Archeological evidence suggests the area was inhabited in 1000 BC. The first settlers arrived in the 11th century. In 1259, Amersfoort was granted city rights by Henry I van Vianden, bishop of Utrecht. For over 500 years (1024 – 1528), Utrecht was a civil state of the Holy Roman Empire located in today’s Netherlands. Within 40 years of Amersfoort’s founding, a small wall with moat encircled the perimeter. A larger defensive ring was added from 1380 through 1450. Inside of the remaining medieval walls and city gates is the charming old town. Amersfoort is about 35 miles southeast of Amsterdam. A train from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport takes a half hour.


Krankeledenstraat 30, 3811 BN Amersfoort, Netherlands


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