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36 Introduction to Gibraltar

Gibraltar covers only 2.6 miles. Yet its position at the entry of the Mediterranean Sea – 15 miles by water from North Africa – has etched its place in history for over 50,000 years. Among the people who lived here are Neanderthals, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Spanish. Since 1713, it has been under British rule. Gibraltar is now mostly self-governed yet remains a British Overseas Territory. Its most famous geological feature is the Rock of Gibraltar, seen here from the west. This massive limestone promontory is two miles square with an elevation of almost 1,400 feet. At the base of The Rock is the delightful city of Gibraltar with 33,000 people. You will enjoy their hospitality while you explore the landmarks and fortifications that reflect their unique and proud history.


36.121820, -5.340433


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