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14 Interislander Ferry in Picton, New Zealand

Interislander is one of two ferry companies providing regular transportation between Picton on the South Island and Wellington, the country’s capital on the North Island. This 3.5 hour, 58 mile Cook Strait journey is fabulous! From the Picton Ferry Terminal, you will first sail through the calm waters of Queen Charlotte Sound. This drowned river valley is home to seals, sea lions, humpback whales and five species of dolphins. You will marvel at the changing landscape including lush greenery, steep hills and small islets. The ship then moves into the Tory Channel before crosses the often tumultuous Cook Strait for about 14 miles. This waterway between the islands was named after British navigator James Cook. This captain of the HMS Endeavour was the first European to visit and map New Zealand’s coast in 1770.


Snout Track Car Park, Joseph Sullivan Dr, Victoria Domain, Picton 7220, New Zealand


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