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5 Inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

If your eyes got tired admiring the exterior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, they will be overwhelmed by the interior. This is a masterpiece of Middle Age craftsmen and artisans. The sweeping arches form dramatic rib vaults accented with candle chandeliers. The floor is a marble checkerboard. Full-size statues and religious paintings are everywhere. There are 18 altars counting the High Altar (center) which dates from 1647. On the left is the stone pulpit carved by Nikolaus Gerhaert, a master Dutch sculptor from the 15th century. The tourists are staring at reliefs of the Four Doctors of the Church. Encircling the nave are six side chapels. The tombs and catacombs contain emperors and empresses, dukes and duchesses, other members of the Habsburg dynasty, bishops, saints and ancient Romans. There are approximately 11,000 people buried in the catacombs. Admission to St. Stephen’s Cathedral is free but guided tours are highly recommended. They include a visit to the North and South Towers.


Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Austria


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