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2 Importance of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel

The first two photos in this travel guide are a panorama of the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem seen from the Rehavam Overlook on Mount of Olives. The elevation of this historic hill is about a half mile. According to religious beliefs, Jesus prayed at Gethsemane (near the cypress trees) before being arrested and crucified the following day. After His resurrection, He ascended into heaven on this mount. At the base of the hill in the Kidron Valley is St. Stephen’s Basilica (center) where Saint Stephen was stoned to death shortly after Jesus died. Nearby is the Tomb of the Virgin Mary. This is only a teaser list. Keep reading for more places to see on Mount of Olives.


Rehavam Overlook, Rabaa al Adwaya, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel


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