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12 Humpback Whale Mural in Samaná, Dominican Republic

This mural of a full-size humpback whale celebrates their annual migration to Samaná Bay. After thousands of Atlantic humpback whales travel from as far away as Iceland and Greenland, they begin arriving in mid-December. Through the end of March, unattached whales will find a mate and breed. Simultaneously, because the gestation period is almost 12 months, pregnant females give birth to their single calf. These offspring weigh more than a ton. They nourish the newborn with up to 50 gallons of breast milk a day before the long swim back to their summer waters. Watching these giant sea mammals in the bay is incredible. You will also want to visit the Whale Museum of Samaná. Among the fascinating exhibits is the skeleton of a 40 foot whale.


Calle Adriano Horton, Samaná 32000, Dominican Republic


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