House at the Minute at Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

House at the Minute was originally built in the 15th century. This was the boyhood home of Franz Kafka from 1889 until 1896. At the time of his death in 1924, few of his short stories and novels were published. The collection later achieved critical acclaim for their surreal plots. “Metamorphosis” is his most famous work about a man transformed into a large insect. The mythological, Renaissance and religious decorations on this Czech Renaissance structure (Dum u Minuty) are equally impressive. Among the Biblical motifs are Adam and Eve and Cain killing Abel. This artistic technique is called sgraffito. It is achieved by covering the façade with layers of different colored plaster then etching the surface to reveal the shades and create the images.


Staroměstské nám. 4/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia


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