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6 History of Tourism at Port Arthur, Australia

Tasmania was understandably not proud of Port Arthur’s sordid past. After the prison closed in 1877, the government renamed the site Carnarvon and tried auctioning the structures within the local community. Some tourists were attracted before it was ravished by a series of fires in the late 19th century, leaving most buildings in ruins. At the start of the 20th century, tourism groups and government boards attempted to preserve its cultural history. They were marginally successful. What launched an influx of visitors was the 1926 silent film For the Term of His Natural Life. The town immediately assumed its old Port Arthur name. Popularity slumped during WWII. After the war, the Scenery Preservation Board repurchased the historic buildings and actively promoted tourism. Today, Port Arthur is Tasmania’s number one attraction and welcomes over 250,000 people annually. Shown is a section of The Penitentiary and, in the background, the remains of The Hospital.


History of Tourism at Port Arthur, Australia

6973 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur, TAS 7182, Australia


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