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History of San Sebastián Castle in Cádiz, Spain

The islets you are approaching have a rich history. According to mythology, this site contained the Temple of Cronus. He was the Greek god of the Titans and father of Zeus. There is evidence a Muslim watchtower was here when the city was under Moorish rule from 711 until 1262. In 1457, a crew from a Venetian ship took refuge after contracting the plague. They dedicated their chapel to Saint Sebastian, a martyr from the 3rd century. When Cádiz was controlled by Spanish monarchs from the House of Habsburg, an artillery tower was placed on the larger island. After most of Cádiz was walled in during the 17th century, a fort was commissioned to defend the peninsula’s west end and La Caleta Beach. San Sebastián Castle was finished in 1706. About 250 years later, the walls around the outer islet were enhanced and new artillery was added. After being used as a prison during the 19th century, the fortress was abandoned.


Castillo de San Sebastián, 11002 Cádiz, Spain


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