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3 History of Molinete Archaeological Park in Cartagena, Spain

Molinete Archaeological Park is another showcase of Cartagena’s history. This hill was called Mount Ciudadela de Asdrúbal when Carthaginian General Hasdrubal the Fair built his palace here between 227 and 221 BC. During the Roman period (209 BC to 425 AD), they constructed a large temple near the staircase seen in the middle of the photo. In the mid-16th century, the area was encircled by a curtainwall with bastions named the Wall of Charles V. By the 18th century, this had become Barrio Prohibido (Prohibited District). This impoverished neighborhood was plagued by rowdy bars, drunken sailors and prostitution. After the residents were evicted and many of their homes were destroyed in the 1970s, archeological work began in earnst. This was the foundation of today’s Molinete Archaeological Park. You will enjoy reading more history from signs in English as you explore the 6.5 acre Molinete Parque Arqueologico.


Cerro Del Molinete, Calle Pólvora, 30203 Cartagena, Murcia, Spain


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