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35 History of Milford Sound at Fiordland, New Zealand

Milford Sound was used by generations of Māori for fishing. During the earliest European circumnavigation voyages, the fjord was unexplored because its narrow entrance was easy to miss. Plus the shallow water of 88 feet at the mouth seemed unpromising and potentially dangerous. In 1812, the ship Governor Bligh captained by seal hunter John Grono was the first to sail through the opening along the Tasman Sea. He called the discovery Milford Haven after his hometown in Wales. During the mid-19th century, it was renamed Milford Sound by John Lort Stokes during a surveying expedition aboard the HMS Acheron. This panorama facing the end of Milford Sound displays two of the tallest summits. Sheerdown Peak on the left has an elevation of 6,161 feet. Next to it is Odyssey Peak at 5,974 feet.


Milford Sound, Southland 9691, New Zealand


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